Signing Up

Signing Up Made Easy

We made Pagemaker registration super easy to do, follow these guides to secure your account in no time. I'm going to make these Numbered Steps. You can also take a video tour which will be at the end of this article

1. When you visit our website directly and arrive at the homepage (

2. On PC take a look at the Upright side of the screen to locate the ‘Get Started’ button.

Mobile users will have to click a toggle button before getting the ‘Get Started’ button.

Name: Input your complete name or your brand name. Ie: Olajide Jeremiah.

Email: Put your best or brand email here for easy and fast reach.

Password: Type in your password and make sure it is strong enough, you can use password managing apps to keep your password in order not to forget.

Got Coupon? (optional): If you have our coupon you can easily apply it here on the registration page.

After you input all required details click the ‘Create Account’ button to submit.

4. For you to complete your registration you will have to verify your account, this is the time you open your ‘provided in registration’ email, you will have mail waiting for you from Us.

Open the welcoming mail and scroll down to locate ‘Activate Account’ Click the button.

5. Abracadabra :) Your registration is now complete. You can now log in to Enjoy Pagemaker.

You can also watch this video for a live explanation:

But wait ... that’s not all.

Just kidding, I know you are in a hurry to use Pagemaker and can’t wait to explore all its features, just want to remind you we have enough guides here and on our youtube channel to guide you through your amazing journey of creating landing pages that really convert.

Questions? Email us at or chat with us directly on Facebook.

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