Selecting and Changing Site Language in Pagemaker

This guide will walk you through the steps to set the desired language for your landing pages during campaign creation.

Selecting Site Language During Campaign Creation

  • Click on the Create New button to generate a new Campaign.

  • Select your preferred language from the available language options.

Changing Site Language in Existing Campaigns

  • Open the campaign for which you want to change the site language.
  • Within the campaign settings section, find the "Site Language" option.
  • Click on the dropdown menu and select the new desired language.

  • Save the changes to update the site language for the campaign.

Additional Notes:

  • The selected site language affects the HTML language tag and helps search engines identify the intended language of your landing pages.
  • Changing the site language after campaign creation may require search engines to re-crawl and re-index your pages for the updated language to take effect.
  • Ensure that your landing page content and keywords align with the selected site language for optimal search engine ranking.

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